Frank Matthias KOVATSCH

Dr. sc. ETH Zurich — Internet of Things Expert

I am a Senior IoT Architect at Siemens’s Smart Infrastructure / Building Products headquarters in Zug, Switzerland. With former experiences at Samsung and Huawei, I digitalize industry by applying and advancing Internet and Web technology, and shape the (Industrial) Internet of Things through standardization and open source software.

My recent standardization activities include the Steering Committee and Technical Working Groups of the OPC Field Level Communications (FLC) initiative, the IETF IoT cluster, and chairing the W3C Web of Things Interest and Working Groups.

My open-source projects include the Eclipse Californium (Cf), Erbium (Er), and Copper (Cu) reference implementations of the Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP), and the initial W3C Web of Things reference implementation node-wot of Eclipse Thingweb.